Pennington & Associates Ltd. - Private Investigators

Pennington & Associates Ltd. was founded in 2012 and is owned by Jeremy Lee Pennington. Mr. Pennington spent years working within the ranks of law enforcement during military service in the U.S. Marines and then later in the federal civilian service as a federal officer. During this time, Mr. Pennington observed a public need for high-quality investigative skills. Although law enforcement meets this need to some degree, Mr. Pennington observed a widening gap in public access because of law enforcement’s limited resources, or its inability to assist the public because of issues outside the charter of law enforcement or political priorities set by politicians and law enforcement executives. Thus, Mr. Pennington founded Pennington & Associates Ltd. to meet this growing demand.

To this end, Mr. Pennington embarked on a one-year research project that resulted in the formation of Pennington & Associates Ltd., an investigative firm not only offering traditional private investigator services, but traditional services with an advanced layer of intelligence analysis. Normally, this level of sophisticated investigative analysis is only available to nation states or large corporations. However, because of Mr. Pennington’s graduate training in structured analytical methods, the ability to develop one-time-use methods in a fast-paced environment, and his practical experience in completing investigations, the public now has access to investigative analysis at the consumer level.

Mr. Pennington’s firm was founded upon the ethos that the general public, legal community, and general business community should have access to high-quality investigative services, which-are fulfilled by individuals of character. A form of honesty that holds clear speaking, say-as-we-do conduct, in-your-face truths as the cornerstones of the professional charter. Simply stated, a business owned and operated by a former U.S. Marine. When the public calls upon Pennington & Associates for investigative services, there are no sales pitches, useless investigative services, or constant new reasons for additional charges to the client. A clear view is required and taken; we simply offer an investigative approach that has a high probability of producing actionable information to meet the client’s needs. If no clear quality investigative option exists, Mr. Pennington will refuse the client’s investigative requests, and has done so regularly in the client’s best interests.

After two years in operation and screening numerous calls from the public on a wide range of issues, Mr. Pennington decided to break away from the standard hourly fee billing structure. His concern was that many individuals could simply not afford a private investigator. This was partially due to the dire state of the U.S. economy and the reality that, in many cases, the working poor need investigative services. Traditionally, hiring a private investigator was just as expensive as hiring an attorney. Today, a typical client receives on average two invoices per case for moderately complex cases. The first is for the actual investigation, and the second is if the investigator is required to give courtroom testimony. Clients needing less complex investigative work are offered a single one-time fee, and clients needing recurring investigative work of low complexity are offered a low-cost subscription fee. Clients requiring large complex investigations are charged by the hour. Because of Mr. Pennington’s business philosophy of developing highly efficient investigative services, client fees charged by Pennington & Associates are affordable and, in many cases, well below the fees charged by competitors.

Today, Pennington & Associates offers the public cost-effective, highly skilled private investigator services, with an advanced layer of analysis through an efficient business concept. Investigative services are available in Ohio and West Virginia.