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Criminal Defense Investigation

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We specialize in criminal defense investigations. We have a proven ability to find evidence overlooked or ignored by law enforcement. Pennington & Associates investigators are experts at finding unknown witnesses, physical evidence, and testing the credibility of criminal allegations brought against a Defendant. Proven investigative methods are used from field investigation to advance analytical techniques. All cases are billed at a flat rate, you know exactly the cost of your investigation.

Civil Investigation

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Pennington & Associates provides investigative support in the area of civil matters based upon your need. We are able to investigate a full range of issues from child custody, workers compensation, slip and trips, general accidents, and many other matters. We provide specific investigative tasking involving surveillance, locating persons, witness interviews, identification of assets, process service, and courthouse record searches. Most investigations are billed at a flat rate, you know what your cost is going to be upfront.

Forensic Photography

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Pennington & Associates provides Forensic Photography services. We are able to document physical objects, locations, and individuals through accepted photography methods. Not only do we capture images for your use in court, but we are available to provide expert testimony on the process used to capture the images and the specific images reasonable representation of what was viewed by the photographer. All Forensic Photography work product included images in a digital media, written report, photography log, and a digram if appropriate.

Open Investigation - Do you Need Information on Someone?

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Do you need information on someone? Are you completing your own investigation instead of hiring a professional licensed investigator? Pennington & Associates is able to assist you by providing information on the person you are investigating. This information is the same information used by licensed investigators during the course of an investigation. The information is obtained through proprietary database that only licensed investigators have access too. Pennington & Associates provides this information to the general public through the “Open Investigation” service. You can purchase information starting at $15 from our online store.

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Pennington & Associates ltd. provides civil and criminal investigation services. Private investigators are available for immediate service in Ohio throughout the cities of Ironton, Portsmouth, Gallipolis, Jackson, Chillicothe, Cincinnati, Columbus, and surrounding areas. Service is immediately available in West Virginia throughout the cities of Huntington, Charleston, and surrounding areas.

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